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Breast Awareness month
Screen yourself today

Breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in Qatar, accounting for 31 percent of cancer cases in women. The risk of women in the population developing breast cancer is 56 per 100,000 (source: Qatar Cancer Registry). “Both women and men can however be affected by breast cancer “said Dr. Qush, our Chief Medical Director. He also noted that “It is important to note that many breast cancers are treatable, and patients can survive if it’s diagnosed and treated early”. Your breasts change constantly throughout your life from puberty through adolescence, the child bearing age, to menopause. This is because of hormone changes during these years. “Whatever your age, size or shape it is important to look after your breast by being breast aware. Being breast aware is an important part of caring for your body” said our oncologist Dr. Amal A. Nasser. Therefore, knowing how your breasts look and feel and knowing what is normal for you, will make you more confident about knowing any changes.

Dr Amal A. Nasser also noted that “There is no wrong or right way to check your breasts, get familiar with the way your breasts look and feel is important. You have to look for changes in shape, size, skin changes, redness, rash skin texture, or dimpling, discharge from nipple or changes in the nipple”. You will know how your breast look and feel normally, so if you notice any changes go to your GP.

Does screening really make a difference?

Early detection of breast cancer vastly increases survival rates. Particularly when women who have no symptoms of breast cancer are screened, the disease can be found early, when treatments are more likely to succeed.

West Bay Medicare offers the latest Brest screening

For diagnostic mammograms, we utilize Koning Breast CT. It is the best technology currently available for breast imaging as it produces reliable and highly defined 3D images of the entire breast, without causing any pain to the patient. Additionally, due to the machine’s precision, there is no risk of false alarms or failure to pick up on diseased cells. Equally important, our patients can rest assured that as a result of the technology’s rapid 10-second exposure, they are exposed to only a low dose of radiation. Be breast aware and if in doubt get it checked.

Scheduling a regular screening is one of the most important things you can do for your health, your future, and your family.

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