We believe that technology and medicine go hand in hand, which is why we provide the latest in medical technology to our patients. We provide state-of-the-art equipment to support our consultants with accurate and precise results, while delivering comprehensive and high quality treatments.

Breast CT Scan

For diagnostic mammograms, we utilise Koning Breast CT. It is the best technology currently available for breast imaging as it produces reliable and highly defined 3D images of the entire breast…
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Cardiac CT Scan

Our Revolution CT is exactly what its name suggests – it is revolutionary in its capacity to capture 512 images per second and its ability to take an image of the entire heart in 0.2 seconds. It provides high definition image quality designed to improve …
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At West Bay Medicare, we utilize the latest MRI models – the Optima MR450w GEM Suite, which emphasizes patient comfort without compromising quality. As opposed to most MRI scans, which require 30-45 minutes to complete the scan, our model requires roughly …
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Ultrasound Scans

At West Bay Medicare, we have several advanced ultrasound systems, such as GE Healthcare’s Vivid E95, which can successfully create clear 2D images of dissimilar body types and of complex medical issues. Our systems provide exceptionally high sensitivity …
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Our Laboratory

We offer exceptional clinical laboratory and pathology services within a high-end laboratory facility. Through preventative screenings, our pathologists work alongside our doctors to detect a range of mild to potentially fatal conditions early on …
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Our Pharmacy

Our in-house pharmacy is professionally staffed and fully equipped to meet the needs of both our inpatients and outpatients. In close collaboration with our doctors, our pharmacists will ensure that you receive your medication promptly and will …
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